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Mechanic Liens

Lawyers for Contractors, Developers and Property Owners


With over 45 years of combined legal practice, the experienced attorneys of Baker & Associates have a proven track record for helping owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and other construction and design professionals to protect their money and to collect unpaid construction debts. Our staff is able to help our clients understand mechanic's liens and explain how they can impact their business.


Mechanic Liens and Construction Liens in California

Also called a construction lien or materialmen's lien, a mechanic's lien ensures that property owners pay contractors for the services and materials used in improving their property. The lien is recorded at the county or city recorder's offices in order for it to become attached to the title of the property. If the owner does not pay, the contractor or construction company can seek enforcement of the lien, whereby the property will be sold to pay for the materials and services provided. The mechanic’s lien is just one of many tools available to ensure payment.


By law,  the property owner is served with a notice that a lien has been placed on the property. If the property owner does not pay, court proceedings to sell the land for payment of the services rendered will begin.


We are experienced in California construction law issues. Our firm helps contractors, subcontractors or construction companies sort through the difficult procedural requirements and the strict deadlines for filing and enforcing a mechanic's lien. We walk them through the process and help them understand when and how to file a mechanic's lien, as well as the entire foreclosure process.


Effectively Resolving Mechanic's Liens Disputes

Our firm recognizes that with so many parties involved in a construction project, it is not uncommon for contractors, subcontractors, developers and property owners to become involved in disputes. If you have become involved in a dispute over nonpayment of construction services or goods, either as the party interested in filing a lien or the party responsible for payment, we can vigorously pursue the most favorable result on your behalf.


Contact Baker & Associates Today to Learn About Your Rights

If you require assistance in filing a mechanic's lien, or if you are involved in a mechanic's lien dispute, our construction and business attorneys can help. We understand how to protect your interests and fight for your compensation. Contact us today to discuss your mechanic's lien issues. Call 818-999-0106.